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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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valley and poconos. some of this lighter stuff not quite reaching the ground but as it gets heavier, it saturates the atmosphere and eventually will. you need the umbrellas headed out tonight in any part of our area. some of this as you can see is a little bit heavier so we are not just talking about light rain during the night tonight. temperature down to 79 as a result of this moisture increase. in lancaster, where it's raining, 70 degrees. so the temperature drops pretty quickly as soon as the rain starts as well. here's the future cast hour by hour. by 7:00 8:00 it's covering much of the area which seems logical considering the way the radar was just looking. then some of it starts to get a little heavier later tonight and especially into delaware. look at some of this heavy rain maybe even some thunderstorms into delaware and south jersey. that is a lot of rain in a short period of time. even more coming in part of the weekend. i will have the timing on that with the seven-day in a few
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minutes. >> see you then. 48 hours after the straight line winds, the two hardest hit counties are still reeling this evening. lot of people in delaware county and gloucester county are still without power. >> we have nbc 10 news live team coverage tonight. we will start with south jersey bureau reporter cydney long live for us in washington township. >> reporter: with 120,000 atlantic city electric customers still without power now, some 48 hours after the storm, take a look. the two dozen utility poles just delivered to atlantic city electric's staging area you can imagine they will only go so far. on day two of no power, no air conditioning, lost food and no certainty of how soon electricity will light up their lives -- >> our evacuation plan in the event of a fire or whathave you would be the local high school. there's no electricity in the local high school. >> reporter: residents of the lindenwold towers assisted living facility many of whom with medical issues are leaning on one backup generator to bring
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them emergency lighting and elevator but there's no backup plan in place. >> there's no air conditioning no television, nothing. zero. >> we are all in a world of it right now. >> reporter: we went to camden county's office of emergency management and found out extensive destruction, residential property damage and overtime for crews like police guiding cars in dozens of powerless intersections may earn the county a disaster declaration. it would bring federal dollars to those hit the hardest. is there a push to have some disaster declaration? does it need to happen? >> right now, yes, we are evaluating our individual assistance which is the residents, if they had damage to their houses and those kind of things. >> reporter: gloucester county has taken that first step in disaster recovery filing for that emergency declaration [ inaudible ] and how soon is not yet clear. live in washington township, cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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the power problems continue for another night. more than 200,000 customers are hit by this. atlantic city electric has the most customers without power with 120,000 in our region. peco is second with most of the outages centered in delaware county. that's where we find nbc 10's drew smith tonight in brook haven. drew? >> reporter: last night there was a lot of homes in the dark. tonight we are seeing more light up but this is the bad news. people's yards are just a total mess. if we spin around you can see a street that is closed today. there is all sorts of damage over there. police have been warning us about the electrical hazards here. tonight their attention is turning to drivers who may be out in the dark tonight. peco crews got to three more roads in delaware county today, clearing tangled power lines out of trees but six streets remain closed tonight and some traffic lights aren't working. neighbors told us some drivers are going too fast. >> if you come up to a stop
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light and it's not working, it doesn't mean it's a straight gun it through here. you need to stop. >> reporter: the hum of chainsaws and power generators are becoming familiar to neighbors. another thing they have to worry about. >> we just had a carbon monoxide scare down the street a couple houses down. >> reporter: some made plans to stay with relatives or stop by the emergency shelters. >> the house isn't too hot so we are okay. >> reporter: john is thankful for milder temperatures but he isn't pleased to see more rain in the forecast. which could slow getting his power back on. >> they are even getting out of state help but there's so much damage all over. so many wires down. it will take awhile. >> reporter: peco can't rule out that some homes will still be part of this outage area on saturday, but delaware county leaders are confident that peco will at least meet their main goal of getting most people back online late tomorrow night. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. if you're watching us on the nbc 10 app or you know someone
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without power, there are free places to recharge your phone, tablet or computer. nbc 10 and comcast are helping you plug in and power up. several comcast xfinity locations are ready to recharge your devices. go to the nbc 10 news app to find those locations nearest you. major news this evening for millions of americans who will be able to keep their health insurance. today, the supreme court rejected a challenge to president obama's health care plan. that move handed the president a big legal victory. six of the nine justices agreed americans can qualify for help that lowers the cost of their health care premiums whether it is state-run insurance programs or federal exchanges. washington will help low income americans with their premiums so they can afford insurance. president obama says the affordable care act is here to stay. 10.2 million people signed up for health insurance under the president's plan. >> we finally declared that in america, health care is not a privilege for a few but a right for all.
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it has changed and in some cases saved american lives. >> large crowd outside the supreme court cheered this morning when the decision was announced. nbc news will break down the supreme court decision and what it means for all americans tonight on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt after this newscast. governor christie promised an announcement by the end of june. nbc news has now confirmed the new jersey governor will announce on tuesday that he's running for president. he will make that announcement at his high school alma mater in livingston. nbc 10's ted greenberg has reaction to governor christie entering the race. >> reporter: word of the governor's announcement next week comes days after a new poll showed his approval rating among new jersey voters at an all-time low. we spoke with several of them here on the boardwalk in wildwood today. no one was enthusiastic to hear he will indeed make a run for the white house. >> i have a lot of mixed feelings about it. >> reporter: why? >> i was all for his decision
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recently but i don't know. >> reporter: the whole bridge scandal change your mind? >> kind of. that was kind of like a bad situation. >> i'm just not a fan. >> reporter: is this the right move for him, do you think? >> i don't think he has a chance. >> considering his popularity is down and everything like that i would probably give him a 35% to 40% maybe partial new jersey will vote his way. but he's got to show something to prove to us where he's worthy of being a candidate for the presidential seat. >> reporter: we should point out the governor still draws large crowds to his town hall meeting of mostly supporting voters. one man here today told me although it's neat to have someone running from his home state, he was a lot more excited to hear that donald trump had thrown his hat in the ring. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. speaking of that christie
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has plenty of company. there are 13 other republican candidates also officially running. this evening, an atlantic county man learned his punishment for his role in a $3 million timeshare scam. he was sentenced to 27 years in prison. he offered phony consulting services to owners of timeshares through vacation ownership group. his wife was also convictd in the scheme back in 2013. philadelphia delegation wrapped up a week of meetings in rome today as they prepare for the pope's visit this fall. most of today's talk focused on the most challenging part of the papal visit, protecting the holy father while he's here in philadelphia in september. as nbc 10's chris cato reports, philadelphia is getting help from an old friend. >> reporter: our camera caught it at wednesday's mass. watch the middle of the screen. the security guard carrying the girl. pope francis cannot resist an opportunity to reach out. which is exactly what has michael nutter reaching out for help. >> there's the schedule there's
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a script and then there's pope francis. he will pretty much do whatever he wants. >> reporter: the mayor of philadelphia and his team have to wrap up their security plans for the pope's visit. fortunately, they have an ace up their sleeve. the mayor of rome. before getting into politics dr. marino was a surgeon at jefferson university hospital in philadelphia. >> when we talked with him about different areas, he knows the streets. he lived in our city. >> reporter: last year his city and the vatican hosted an event that brought almost three million people to rome. it had no major security issues. mayor marino handed over his playbook to mayor nutter. >> we will have the most up-to-date information about security logistics, protocol and the like that will enhance the plans that we have already put in place. >> this will be a terrific event for philadelphia and i really love that i have the opportunity to be there back home for this. >> reporter: the team from philadelphia also had a closed door session thursday with the head of security for vatican
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city. now, the security team won't be able to put its final plan together until the pope's official itinerary for philadelphia comes out which the vatican says will happen on monday. in vatican city, chris cato, nbc 10 news. trouble's coming for those with holes in their homes. i'm tracking rain for parts of south jersey and delaware. how long it's going to last and your rainy weekend is straight ahead. also the calm after the storm. the crackdown at this quarry that landed swimmers in serious trouble.
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a high-ranking member of the air force from south jersey faces child porn charges this evening. police arrested gerard cameron
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of burlington city yesterday. investigators say cameron downloaded images on his home computer and shared them on the internet. he is a master sergeant in the u.s. air force. it's a big risk. thrill seekers who sometimes jump into quarries to cool off. >> the dangerous dive is illegal in most cases and police are now cracking down. in fact, police arrested more than ten people for jumping into seven hills quarry on main street in northampton county. nbc 10's doug shimell has more. >> reporter: you're taking your own life in your hands coming back here. we don't want to find you dead. enough people have died or been badly injured at the remote quarry that the police force swept through there wednesday. >> there was 11 individuals, ten of them minors one adult. we usually just charge them all with trespassing which we did this time but we were considering charging the adult with corruption of minors. >> reporter: the mayor says the quarry has been glorified in youtube videos that continue to
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lure jumpers from new york, new jersey and philadelphia. >> they are always wearing their swim trunks bathing suits, they know right where they're going. >> you can see they have taken down a part of the fence. >> reporter: joe says they had no choice but to crack down after a drowning in a nearby quarry two weeks ago. >> the individual went in couldn't swim went under and most of the people scattered. there was only a small group of people there to help when the fire company got there. it took 45 minutes to recover his body. >> reporter: police say there are jagged cables and old quarry equipment just below the surface and they do not want another 911 call from the bottom of the cliffs. >> hopefully they will stay away and have our kids protected. >> for me to have to call a parent and come identify a body of their child, i don't want that to happen. >> reporter: in the lehigh valley, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. relief could be in the works for atlantic city soon. a package of bills to help a.c. and its struggling casinos and
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schools has been approved and if sent to governor christie's office. the most important bill would let the eight casinos make fixed payments in lieu of taxes for 15 years. that would allow the gambling halls to know exactly how much they owe instead of facing potentially huge tax increases each year. take a look at the delaware river where the tall ships are back in our area. those ships came in today for a full weekend of events on both sides of the river. organizers call it your chance to get a close-up view of some of the most famous ships in the world, including philadelphia's own. the event kicked off with a special tribute to america's war veterans aboard the battleship "new jersey." beautiful. of course, besides the tall ships the other main attraction that big yellow duck. it's the world's largest rubber duck. i would recommend sunday if
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you are going to be headed out. you don't want to get rained on because especially later on saturday it's really going to be a mess. we have some rain coming in tonight and it will last for hours. we've got more weekend rain ahead but there are going to be some hours of some sunshine and a good number of hours with dry weather before the weekend's over. it's not a washout. cloudy skies right now. we've got rain moving in. 79 degrees, winds west-southwest at nine humidity still low but is on the rise. the temperatures are going in the opposite direction. down to 70 in lancaster with the rain. the rain has started in reading officially, just about to start in allentown and the poconos and it's going to cross the entire area by perhaps 11:00 or midnight tonight. you will see it move in so rapidly across the state so the leading -- some of the leading edge not reaching the ground but
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eventually it does and there's more of it back to the west. you see some yellows in there, little bit heavier rain in parts of the area. there may be some thunderstorms developing in southern sections parts of delaware and extreme south jersey. this is a computer model just in showing some of that later tonight. by tomorrow morning, we are getting kind of a mix of clouds and sun, a few little showers coming down. nothing too heavy or too long-lasting. you see it's coming down from north to south. there's a heavy one locally at 7:00 friday. we have a bigger system coming in over the weekend. that's coming in from the west. there it is. the area of low pressure. ahead of it east wind. it's going to be cool on saturday. here comes the rain. this model has it in during saturday morning. some hold it off until like noontime or early afternoon. best chance of any dry weather saturday is early in the day because as this low comes close, that rain spreads across the
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entire area and gets heavier. that east wind increases. going to be nasty saturday night. but then once this low passes the way the track is it looks like it may dry out. with that west wind get a little sunshine on sunday and so it's not a bad day. a lot better than late saturday and saturday night. that's what i'm saying for the shore, too. saturday afternoon and nighttime rain, may be dry in the morning at the shore. sunday a warmer day and generally dry. in the poconos, pretty ugly on saturday. rain for much of the day, heavy at times, maybe some localized flooding. only 58. just a chance of a shower on sunday. how much rain might fall between tonight and into the weekend? well, one to three inches of rain and several computer models do agree on that. tonight, rain some of it heavy. thunderstorms developing in delaware and south jersey.
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tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun, just some scattered showers around. highs in the upper 70s. not a horrible day tomorrow. saturday, once the rain comes in it's steady and gets heavier and is cool. but sunday looks like a dry day. monday it gets warmer. tuesday, we are back to the heat and thunderstorms. i'm john clark. it is nba draft night. who will the sixers take with the third pick? we will hear from one of the big possibilities and nerlens noel tells us how embiid is doing.
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i'm john clark. the biggest night of the year once again for the sixers is not a game it is draft night. the nba draft is finally here. the sixers have the third pick again tonight and this is the hat that the draft pick will get. pretty cool hat, huh? who will the sixers take with the third pick? lots of reports floating around out there. one report says the sixers are locked in on drafting this guy. the ohio state point guard deangelo russell. another report says the lakers want him with the second pick in front of the sixers. is that just the lakers leaking that out so the sixers would try to trade up one spot? you really can't believe much right now. deangelo is taking it all in stride. >> i feel if i play for any nba team i could never say who i want to play for but i came to the point i'll be selected or whatnot, i still feel the same way. if i can play for any team i'm beyond blessed. >> if russell is gone to the sixers take okafor?
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we will find out after 7:30. sixers have five second round picks and how about nerlens noel holding a basketball camp today in hatfield p.a.? he told comcast sports net's jen daniels he would like to play with russell. >> he's the most intriguing player, especially at that point guard position being as big as he is. i think he can do a lot. >> you wouldn't mind running the floor with him? all right. >> how about joel embiid? he has been shut down for now as you all know because of his surgically repaired foot. not healing the way the sixers had hoped. three other doctors will be looking at it but noel says he does not expect joel to be out long. >> i saw him last night. first time i saw him in a little bit. great to see him, we hung out for a little bit. he's in a great state right now. he's just sitting back working hard. he's taking time. he feels confident and i think he'll be all right real soon.
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the phillies are off so they can't lose. they will open a series with the nationals tomorrow night at citizens bank park. how about the debut of the first round draft pick cornelius randolph in florida? his first at-bat he tripled. 3 for 3 in his debut. he will play in the futures game. i'mon clark. we'll be right back.
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heaviest. but sunday not too bad. >> thank you, glenn. for all of us, thanks for watching. tonight, the obama care victory at the supreme court. a resounding ruling as the president's signature law survives again. cheers on the left, anger on the right. tonight, what it means for millions of americans and how it affects the race for the white house. shocking new twists in the manhunt for two inmates on the run. a second prison worker is arrested as ingators say he gave them access for the escape. trump gets dumped a fire storm as a force in spanish lang wig television says it won't air his beauty pageant because of what he said about mexicans mexicans. you'll hear from him as trump fires back. and sleep divorce, more and more couples sleeping in separate rooms for their health


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